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Hello and welcome to Mean Cat Coffee.


My name is Jason and I am the owner and sole employee of Mean Cat Coffee, a micro-roaster based out of Richmond, Kentucky. I specialize in premium quality single origin and single estate 100% Arabica coffees, sometimes known as specialty coffee. Single origin and single estate coffee refers to beans that come from one particular farm, estate, or growing region. These specialty coffees are some of the highest quality beans available in the world.


I have been a coffee lover all my life. I love it so much I started roasting my own beans for a little over 3 years ago (around the summer of 2007). What started as a hobby has grown, and will hopefully continue to grow, into a small business.


I also believe that coffee, much like wine, is a culinary items capable of expressing subtle nuances and flavors associated with their region, bean varietal, environment, and processing method. Some may notice that many of the flavor descriptors used to describe a particular bean's flavors profile are very reminiscent of the flavor descriptors used when tasting wine: dark fruit, berry flavors, earthy, floral, citrusy, winey, dark chocolate, milk chocolate, caramel, etc.




My humble beginnings as a roaster began with a vintage Westbend Poppery II hot air popcorn popper that I got at a thrift shop. As time progressed my roasting equipment has changed several times. My current roasting setup is a 32,000 BTU gas grill that has been retrofitted with a motor, electronics, and a steel drum capable of roasting up to 4 lbs per batch.

Mean Cat's Drum Roaster


A typical batch of coffee spends about 10-15 minutes in the roasting drum, depending on how dark I want to roast the bean, and about 2-4 minutes in a cooling tray. After cooling, the beans are immediately bagged. I pride myself in offering the freshest coffee possible. All my coffees are roasted to order.


What's in a name?


People are curious where I came up with the name Mean Cat Coffee. If you know me then you know that I am an animal lover, and I have several pets. One of the most beloved pets I have ever had was a black cat named Darius. Darius was a very mean cat who didn't much like anyone, but he liked me more than most. My wife found Darius in a pet store clinging to the side of the cage and yowling to the top of his little lungs. In fact, the pet store owners had him in the back room of the store because he was acting so spastic. My wife and I had to have him.


As Darius grew his attitude didn't improve much. Without much provocation he would shred any appendage that dared to encroach on his personal space. He may have been a mean cat, but he was my buddy.


Darius passed away several years ago from unknown circumstances. We had him cremated and his ashes remain at our home. I named my roasting endeavors Mean Cat Coffee in his honor.


RIP Darius

Darius: One Mean Cat


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