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Yemen Mokha Harazi

Coffee Drying


   Yemen has a long history with coffee. Although the coffee plant was thought to first be discovered in Ethiopia, Yemen was the first country that commercially grew and exported coffee through their port city of Al Mahka (Mokha). The term Mokha (also spelled Mokka, Moca, Mokkha, etc) has come to mean different things in the terms of coffee, but it originally referred to this port in Yemen.

 I absolutely love a good Yemen coffee. The flavors can be wild and unusual. But from my experience, a quality Yemen coffee is a rare thing. The growing environment in this country is harsh. The plants are grown in near drought conditions, and they are often grown on precarious hillsides (see picture below)  in elevations of at least 5,000 feet or higher. Also, because of the terrain, the coffee is often carried to the rooftops for drying (see picture at top of page). It's nurtured without the use of artificial fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides, just as it has been grown for hundreds of years. coffe plant on hillsideUnfortunately, Yemen's tend to be full of defects due many factors such as improper processing and harvesting, delays in getting the coffee to port, sometimes due to political and social upheavals in the country, and the muggy and humid environment of the port city of Mokha. Long story short, a quality Yemen is not an easy thing to come by.

 I was really excited when I first sampled this coffee. Not only was this the best Yemen I've tried in almost 3 years, it's probably one of the best Yemen's I have ever had. The dry fragrance of the ground coffee is full of tropical fruit and floral aromas. The cup is extremely complex with a bright lime-like acidity and an almost creamy body. To me, there was a smell almost like cheesecake when the coffee was brewing. The cup has unique floral notes, hints of an oak barrel, along with a sweetness that reminds me of grape soda. This coffee isn't the best choice for iced or cold brewed coffee, but it is fantastic hot. For those who like bold and interesting coffees, this one is made for you.


( $9 ½ lb., $17 lb.)

1/2 lb. Yemen Mokha Harazi
9.00 USD
Pound Yemen Mokha Harazi
17.00 USD


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