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Honduras, Santa Barbra, Esteban Madrid Microlot

Honduras Coffee


Honduras is Central America's largest coffee producing country, but speciality coffee from this country has always had a bit of a bad reputation. Although Honduras is known for producing the most coffee, they haven't been know to produce the best coffee. In the past 8 years things have been changing rather quickly. New regions have been discovered, processes have been improved, and most importantly drying protocols have been established. Marcala had been the-coffee-region of Honduras for the longest time, but now new and exciting regions are surfacing to the world market.


This is one of the excellent coffees microlot that came out of Honduras this year. It hails from the Santa Barbra region and was grown on the Esteban Madrid farm.The Santa Barbra region first gained notice in 2005 when one of the farms won the Cup of Excellence. Since then the Santa Barbra's collection of small producers and farms has become known for producing exceptional coffee within Honduras.


What is a microlot? A microlot is a specific harvest of coffee, usually limited to only 10-75 bags that contains exceptionally cared for beans with an elevated level of traceability back to the farm where it came from. Microlots are some of the world's best coffee because of the care and attention given to them.


I would label this as a "big" coffee. It has lots of body, a nice syrupy mouthfeel, and lots of clean oils in the cup. Great for the brisk fall and winter mornings. The dry fragrance of the ground coffee has a unique green vegital aroma, almost like peas, which reminds me of a coffee from Papua New Guinea. The cup is full bodied with great chocolates couple with hints of rasin and dark caramels. The oily nature of this coffee offers a delightfully lingering aftertaste.This coffee also make very nice espresso shots and lattes.




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