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Peru Norte Centrocafe, Fair Trade Organic

Coffee processing in Peru.

Cenfrocafe is one of the strongest, most capable Coops in Peru. It is located in the Cajamarca region in Northern Peru and the coffee is grown at elevations of 1200-1600 meters.The Cenfrocafe concept revolves around a transparency contract, which is the notion that everyone in the supply chain should be represented and the details of their involvement written down. This system identifies and accounts for every penny of the final cost, including and most importantly, the price paid directly to the producer. This concept of line item all the way down to the producer is extremely rare. “Fair Trade Certified” does not make this guarantee, as it only insures a minimum price paid to the cooperative not to the farmers themselves.


The coop was started in 1999 with a little over 200 members. Today Centrocafe has more than 2000 members, and as the coop has grown, it has provided it's farmers with a lot of technical assistance and quality control training in order to improve the quality of the coffee that is produced. They have excellent farmers and cuppers and their ability to select and build excellent lots of coffee is unsurpassed.


Centrocafe works not only to support the commercial endeavors of its members but also to facilitate the development of the community. They provide loans that help farmers cover the costs of the harvest and materials in the coffee production as well as the costs of sending their children to school.


This is coffee has quickly become on of my favorites. It's a mild cup with that has a natural sweetness. The body is creamy and smooth. The cup boasts flavors of milk chocolate, caramel, with a slight hint of tropical fruits, along with a medium lemon-like acidity. It has a delicious aftertaste that reminds me of almonds and cinnamon. This coffee does great with cream.


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( $6 ½ lb., $12 lb.)


1/2 lb. Peru Centrocafe
6.00 USD
Pound Peru Centrocafe
12.00 USD


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