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Java Estate Blawan

Java coffee


The name "Java" has become synonymous with coffee. In fact, if someone mentions Java, most people assume that you are talking about coffee in general and not the lush tropical island where this coffee is grown. The history of Java coffee can be traced back to the year 1699, when the Dutch colony became one of the first coffee producers outside the Arab world.

Blawan is one of 4 government owned farms that date back to Dutch colonialism and the earlier “Private Estate” Javas. Estate Blawan is located on the far east of the island of Java, on the slopes of the Ijen Volcano. The coffee is grown in rich volcanic soil at altitudes ranging from 1,000 – 2,000 meters, but most are grown at 1,500 meters. Blawan is the largest of the Government Estate Javas, which has managed to grow the Typica cultivar in relative isolation from all other cultivators, long enough to display its own unique character called Java Typica.

Typical of most Indonesian coffees, Java Blawan has very low acidity. This makes it a great coffee for those who are sensitive to the higher acidity found is some other regions. The roasted beans have the most wonderful smell of vanilla. The cup is sweet notes of cinnamon, graham cracker, and a slight smokey flavor. This coffee has a great buttery feel in the mouth with a long and lingering finish where some notes of earth and melon peek through. Great coffee.




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