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 maui Mokka

MauiGrown Coffee is the grower of Ka'anapali Estate Coffee located on the West Maui Mountains near the historic town of Lahaina. The 500-acre estate grows several varieties of Arabica coffees. The theory of “quality from seed to cup” best describes the planning and operation of MauiGrown Coffee.

MauiGrown Coffee, Inc. was established in 2003 by James (Kimo) Falconer. From 1988 through 2001, the farm was operated as Ka'anapali Estate Coffee, a diversified AG project of Pioneer Mill Sugar Company. As director of Agricultural research for Pioneer Mill at the time, Kimo was instrumental in the genesis of this coffee. After Pioneer Mill Company and Kaanapali Estate Coffee closed their operations in 2001, it was Falconer's dream to revive the coffee farm. His hard work and dedication led to MauiGrown Coffee harvesting its first crop in 2004.

Maui Mokka is a truly rare coffee, and it is only offered by MauiGrown Coffee. Maui Mokka comes from a strain of bean that is said to be over 1,000 years old due to its’ origination in Ethiopia, and grown in what is now Yemen. This coffee is aged in special warehouses in Maui. Maui Mokka is also an extremely small bean when compared to standard size coffee beans, which makes it much more difficult to roast. All of these factors culminate into a very unique and delicious coffee.

The cup has a mild acidity, but it is prominent enough to keep the cup very balanced. The dry aroma of the ground coffee has notes of malt and cooked strawberries. The cup has hints of cinnamon with a white sugar sweetness. There also notes of sweet fruit throughout the cup, with sweet citrus tones, chocolate, and spice coming through as the cup cools. The body body is pleasantly thick on the tongue with a wonder long, lingering aftertaste.



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