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Wild Cat Espresso Blend

Wild Cat


I went on a mission to develop a blend specifically for espresso lovers. Not only did I want this blend to be delicious as a straight espresso shot, but I also wanted it to produce fantastic milk-based drinks, like lattes, machiattos, and cappuccinos. This blend is made up of several different coffees so that the resulting cup that is very complex and delicious. Although I'm keeping the exact blend of a coffees a secret, I will say that, like most espresso blends, it contains a very small percentage of premium Robusta beans to increase the crema, as well as a bit of Monsooned beans. As with all coffee offered here, the beans used in this blend are premium quality and sustainably grown.


I am extremely happy with the results. Wild Cat Espresso Blend is a very intense cup that has an aftertaste that lingers for a long time. The cup is very complex with notes of caramel, dark chocolate, a bit of earthiness, and hints of fruit couples with a creamy mouthfeel. This blend has features sharp bite that lacks bitterness, and fades into a rich flavors of· tobacco and chocolate aftertaste. Don't have an espresso machine? This blend also does quite well when brewed in an Aeropress.


( $7 ½ lb., $14 lb.)


1/2 lb. Wild Cat Espresso Blend
7.00 USD
Pound Wild Cat Espresso Blend
14.00 USD


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