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Indonesian & Asian Coffees


Java Estate Blawan

Java coffee


The name "Java" has become synonymous with coffee. In fact, if someone mentions Java, most people assume that you are talking about coffee in general and not the lush tropical island where this coffee is grown. The history of Java coffee can be traced back to the year 1699, when the Dutch colony became one of the first coffee producers outside the Arab world.

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Sumatra Mandheling ASKOGO, Fair Trade Organic NEW



  The ASKOGO (Asosiasi Kopi Gayo Organic) coop was founded in August 2008, and was certified Fair Trade Organic in September of 2009 by FLO (Fair Trade Labelling Organizations). The coop consist of 760 members in 13 different villages located in the regions of Aceh Tengah and Bener Meriah in Western Sumatra.


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