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As of Jan. 10th, 2011, the new cart system is in place to make ordering easier. The cart does not currently have a shipping option. Once I receive your order I will contact you and we can arrange shipping or pickup options then.


Availability of coffees subject to change without notice.


All my coffees are roasted to order. I don't specify a roast level on any of my coffees because I try to roast each individual bean to the level that brings out the best flavor. I can roast lighter or darker upon request.

Most orders will take 2-3 days. Rush orders available. Just ask.


Shipping is available. Price depends on quantity ordered, although I have found that I am able to cram up to 2 lbs in a Priority Mail Flat Rate envelope, truly putting to test their motto, "If it fits it ships." The charge for the Flat Rate envelope is $5.99 with a 2-3 day transit time anywhere in the US.

Anything over 2 lbs. will get a shipping quote after I receive the order.



I accept cash, check (as long as it's goodWink), money order, PayPal, and credit cards processed by Paypal.


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