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I'm really excited to announce that Mean Cat Coffee is now carrying the Aeropress coffee brewing system. This is a must have brewer for any coffee lover.

The Aeropress is the resulting of years of applied research by inventor/engineer Alan Adler (who also invented the Aerobie). Adler’s numerous brewing experiments demonstrated that proper temperature, total immersion and rapid filtering were the keys to obtaining excellent flavour. He then designed and tested dozens of brewing methods before settling on the current design.

The Aeropress is by far my favorite overall brewing device in my arsenal. First and foremost, the Aeropress makes a terrific cup of coffee. It uses the total immersion brewing method, ensuring even extraction, and gentle pressure to produce a concentrated brew that you can drink it straight like espresso, dilute with water to make a cup of coffee, or add hot milk to for a cappuccino or latte.

Besides making one of the best cups of coffee you will put in your mouth, the Aeropress system also offers several other advantages. Its lightweight, compact, and portable design is perfect for anyone who travels or enjoys hiking and camping. Clean up is fast and easy with almost no mess. Filters can be also rinsed and reused.

The Aeropress is BPA Free


This Aeropress kit includes the following:

  • Aeropress Brewer (includes plunger, brew chamber, and filter holder)
  • 350 Filters
  • Measuring Scoop
  • Stirring Paddle
  • Funnel
  • Stand/Filter Holder
  • Tote Bag

Aeropress Kit


Aeropress with Tote:· $28.95

Aeropress with tote
28.95 USD

Using the Aeropress

There are basically 2 methods of brewing coffee with the Aeropress. The first method is the one outlined on the packaging. It's super simple:

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The second method is commonly known as the inverted method. This is my preferred method of making coffee with the Aeropress because it allows you to steep the coffee for a minute or two before plunging the brew into your cup. If you notice in the first video above, as soon as water is added to the Aeropress it starts dripping through into the cup. By inverting the Aeropress you keep the coffee in the chamber until you are ready to finish brewing

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