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Clever Coffeee Dripper


Clever Coffee Dripper

The Clever Coffee Dripper consists of a plastic cone filter holder with a rubber stopper monuted in the bottom. It's an extremely easy to use brewing method that produces a fantastic cup of coffee. You simple add coffee and water and allow the the mixture to steep for about 3:30. After the coffee has had time to steep, you simply place the Clever on top of your cup, releasing the stopper valve, and the coffee drains from the brewer into you cup. Clean up is also super easy; just dump the filter, grounds and all, and rinse the brewer and it's ready for it's next use.

Not only does it make a terrific cup of coffee, it also has a very high cool factor becasue of the way the stopper valvle works. It will impress your friends for sure!

The Clever Coffee Dripper combines the best features of French press and filter drip brewing, eliminating the drawbacks of each. With French press brewing, you can control steeping or infusion time, but heat loss and sediment in the cup can be a problem. Brewing with a paper filter is easy and convenient; the problem is lack of control over steeping time (i.e. the coffee begins to drain immediately). By adding a stopper to a filtercone, the Clever Coffee Dripper combines control over steeping time with a sediment-free cup.

The Clever Coffee Dripper includes the main Clever unit, a coaster for catching any stray drips from the bottom, and a lid to help retain heat while steeping. It uses standard #4 or #6 filters (not included) available at most all grocery or department store that sell coffee. The Clever will make up to a 15 oz. cup of coffee.


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Here's a video demostrating the basic brewing technique for the Clever:

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