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Hario Skerton Grinder


Skerton GrinderThe Hario Skerton hand mill grinds coffee easily and consistently give terrific results using ceramic conical burrs that provide excellent grind results. The grind coarseness can easily be adjusted from Turkish to French Press by removing the top nut and lock bracket and turning the adjustment wheel. In terms of consistancy and grind quality, this grinder rivals grinders costing $100's more.


The hand mill housing and funnel is made of a durable high impact ABS smoke gray plastic which screws directly onto a sturdy glass canister for catching coffee grounds. Also included with the Skerton grinder a rubber no skid pad for the bottom of the glass jar.


The grinder is relatively small and feels comfortable in your hands when grinding. It produces a very consistent grind when rotating the arm in a smooth continuous medium speed rotation. The conical ceramic burrs stay sharp much longer than standard cast grinder burrs. The top grinding mechanism will also screw directly on to standard mason jar openings, great for grinding larger amounts of coffee.

 As with all hand mills, grinding your own coffee takes a little extra time, but drinking your coffee also seems little more rewarding.


Height: 6.5" fully assembled

Diameter: 3.75"

Bean hopper holds about 2.75 oz Bottom portion holds about 4.5 oz





Hario Mini Mill Grinder

Hario Mini MillYou will hear me say over and over again that when making a quality cup coffee, the grind is as important as quality, freshly roasted beans.

Enter the Hario Mini Mill.

Manufactured by Hario in Japan, the same company that makes the V60 brewers, the Mini Mill grinder has it all. It's a small, portable hand grinder capable of a grind quality that rivals many high end grinders cost hundreds of $$.

The Mini Mill features conical burrs made from extremely durable, long lasting ceramic. The body is made from durable BPA free plastic and has a removable crank handle for maximum portability. The Mini Mill also is fully adjustable and gives a very high quality, consistent grind all the way from a coarse French Press grind to a fine espresso grind. Hopper capacity is about one ounce, or just enough for making 1 large or 2 smaller cups of coffee.

Although the Mini Mill is designed for portability, it is robust to be your primary home grinder and will last most users a lifetime.





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