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Black Teas


High Mountain Keemun "Red Peach"


A must try, high-mountain variety of Keemun, opens to a lush taste, only a hint of smokiness passing quickly to a smooth, fruity finish. Grown on an organic farm at an elevation of approx. 1000 meters, in the Huang Shan Mountains of Anhui Province. Leaf is longer and thinner than most Keemuns, with hints of gold coloration, cups to sparkling red-orange cup color. After withering and shaping, the golden leaves oxidize then are fired over charcoal.

This tea is grown on a farm called the "Red Peach". This small farm is only accessible by boat

An excellent breakfast or afternoon refresher tea that will take milk and sugar.


$4.00 per ounce*

Sold Out



* one ounce of tea will make normally 4 x 8 ounce cups of tea, or appoximatly 7 grams of tea per cup (or about a teaspoon full of loose tea). With these high quality teas, each cup can be re-steeped multiple times; white and green teas can be steeped 3-4 times, while some black, oolong, and pureh teas can be steeped up to 7 times. If you are re-steeping you tea, each ounce could potentially produce up to 12-16 cups of tea, or more.


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