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Puerhs are one of China's best kept secrets. Widely consumed, a tea that has traveled with merchants and nomads for centuries, Puerhs are some of the oldest, most complex teas yet are largely unknown in the western world. As Puerh teas age, they develop an earthy aroma and a sweet, full-bodied taste. They come in many, many shapes and forms - green and dark, loose leaf, compressed by hand and machine into nuggets, bricks and cakes of all sizes; aged in bamboo and baskets, fired and aged in citrus rinds and innumerable other materials, all to create unusual tea.

Puerhs are bold and earthy, they make a strong statement. The aroma of cooked leaves may remind one of a wet forest floor. Greens can be quite spicy or reminiscent of a single-malt scotch. The taste and types are incredibly diverse.

Generally, Pu-erhs are not known to be a strong caffeine tea.

Small Leaf Pureh

(Xi Ye Pu-erh)


Small Leaf Pureh


This is a rich, ripe-style, loose-leaf organic tea offering a light, earthy aroma, some nuttiness and a soft, natural sweet note. The leaves are small and tan-brown in color. It is not a deep tasting Pu-erh but has plenty of body and mouth feel. This is an excellent choice as an everyday Pu-erh. It can be brewed quite strong, with a cup color like espresso, yet it will never get bitter, just stronger. The aftertaste is smooth and clean. 

Produced in 2010.


$2.50 per ounce*

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